22 May 2010

Sala Montjuic 2010

This is quite an eye watering advertisement for a film festival and is an extremely effective thirty seconds of film.

Sala Montjuic is an annual outdoor film festival in Barcelona, Spain.  Starting in June the festival kicks off for 2010 with three screenings a week and extends over a five week period.

All the films are in their original language with subtitle in Spanish and before they start people can have a picnic on the lawn while enjoying the amazing surroundings in the Catalan sunshine. You also get an extraordinary view of the city from Montjuic - below is a shot taken from the opposite hill of Park Güell, which should give you an idea of the extraordinary panorama visitors enjoy.  What a superb place to take in a movie out of doors!

A great deal of European and American filmmaking will be on display at the festival with the audience being able to vote for the last film in August (a cool idea if ever there was one).  The choice of film is quite surprising too, with the 1923 Harold Lloyd classic shown one evening, with the likes of No Country For Old Men and Almodovar’s recent classic Volver thrown in to the mix.

Now where did I put my passport?