7 May 2010

Q&A - Asperger's Syndrome Boy Interviews His Mother

I really don't mind admitting this, but this short animation made me cry, so wonderful were the sentiments expressed in it. It is part of the StoryCorps project. which aims to give ordinary Americans from all walks of life an opportunity to record their stories and share them with others.

In this very touching four minute animation we share the lives of Joshua and Sarah Littman.  Joshua has a fairly unique take on what makes a good interview question and his mother answers them in a beautifully candid and unguarded way.

It would be difficult to find anything online at the moment that expresses sheer unadulterated love so lucidly and naturally. Please watch and share this - if only so it might help you understand Asperger's Syndrome a little more than you do already.

If you are a parent, you will love this - if you are a human being you will adore it.