22 May 2010

Amazing Star Trek Sculpture At Microsoft

Microsoft’s Studio D offices in Redmond, Washington have something that every Star Trek fan would love to have in their own home.  However, it probably came at quite a price!  The work called Mirror Universe by sculptor Devorah Sperber is based on images from the 1967 episode Mirror, Mirror.  In this episode the crew encounter their evil counterparts from a parallel universe.

The sculpture itself explores the relationship between art and popular science and how it relates to larger issues of a metaphysical nature.  When we look at something our consciousness sees a stable and predictable world and this is what interests the artist.  Part of a highly acclaimed body of work, this must be a wonderful sight to see as you enter your workplace each morning (as if Microsoft employees go home anyway!).

The sculpture is composed of a series of very familiar characters in the process of beaming up.  Spock, Kirk and McCoy are actually made up of semi translucent beads as the close ups here show.  When viewed up close the image blurs somewhat but from a distance are almost photographic in their realism.

The latent images within the work – and its cultural resonance – compete with the objects from which it was made, spools, chenille stems and beads.  They combine to form something of a poetic illusion.  Poetic illusion or not, would you want to be the person who has to dust this each morning?

Sperber is well known for this combination of materials and often her work involves optical illusions which in its entirety this work is, effectively.  The thread and beads work together to form an almost pixilated and thrilling version of this iconic image.  There is also a passing nod to the pointillist and abstract movements – and we suspect that Sperber may have a well developed sense of humor too.

Put simply, what a wonderful piece of art.  Go on, admit it.  When you saw this your first thought was I want one. 

Here is some video...

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