9 May 2010

Copying With Death

Copying With Death is a short film made by Vancouver Film School student Pete Ryder. It is just another normal, boring day at the office until the photocopier starts making malicious threats against people.

With little time left before it carries out its deadly threat it is up to one young office worker to avert tragedy. Or will he?

This entertaining short was created through the VFS Writing for Film and Television Program. Writer go through the process of production with a professional director. Then they shoot their movie within a three and a half hour time frame using limited locations – in this case an office space (was it borrowed on a Sunday?).  As you may already have worked out, the film is played largely for laughs - and they come in fast and thick, particularly the expressions that the lead actor pulls and of course the copier itself, which strangely has no acting credits at the end....

The film is directed and edited by David Roncin and produced by Wade Fennig. On hand to direct photography was Shane Twerdun.

The cast was made up of Meghan Amelia and our hero was played by Darren Borrowman.

This is a really well put together short, considering that it was done on a very small budget and in a very limited time.

Oh – and it is also very funny!