29 May 2010

Dalek Vs Imperial Stormtroopers

Although we all know full well it is never going to happen there is a time (or many times) in a fan person's life when the imagination goes awry and various science fiction universes get, well, mixed up.  It is always fun to wonder who would win - would the Klingons win out over the Predator?  Would the Goa'uld get on with the Trill? What would win the day, the Cylon or the Cybermen?

Well, when it comes to one particular inter-franchise fracas, we already knew the result, didn't we?  When it came to a battle between the Daleks and Imperial Stormtroopers there was only ever going to be one winner.  Sons of Skaro 1, Clones Disunited 0.

Image Credit Pasukaro76