22 May 2010


Art takes its inspiration from all manner of sources and sometimes the result can seem something of a mashup.  Sometimes too many sources can be referenced and so often this approach does not work.  On the other hand, when it does succeed in (at the very least) an aesthetically pleasing manner then hands up and hurrah.

So it is with 1961, a really quite wonderful animation by Paul Yeh and Oksana Badrak.  It takes as its point of entry the historic first space flight in 1961 of Yuri Gagarin which sparked the space race and, ultimately, those small steps for man.

However, that is just the starting point.  In this short animation we are treated to quite a voyage through the world of illustration and typography.  Add some Russian constructivism in to the mix and a little science fiction elastication of the truth of Gagarin’s sojourn in space and it gets better.  Still add in a cheeky nod to info graphics and the arcade games of the 1980s and you get something which is quite wonderful.

Of course, the final bonus is a soundtrack by The Flaming Lips.  Altogether awesome.