28 May 2010

My Dad the Evil Genius

What do you do if your Dad is an evil genius determined to take over the world with an army of marauding robots?  Possibly not a question you ask yourself every day but the young boy in this excellent animation by Benjamin Wigmore has to ask himself that every day.  What's more as well as his evil father the poor kid has to confront mass slaughter, the memory of a dead mother and an electrified monkey.

Oh and the robots turn out to be ailurophobic, just to complicate matters even further. Yet, can the love of a young boy for his admittedly megalomaniac father save the day, especially when he might not be the only evil genius on the block?  Watch this ruddy brilliant animated short and find out!  Oh - and there is a great soundtrack provided by the very talented Patrick Ytting (which is an interesting last name if ever there was one).