1 May 2010

Population Growth - Infographic

Population growth is the elephant in the room.  In virtually all globally important meetings about the environment the human population is not mentioned.  However, the bald facts - as presented here by Kristy Graybill - are more than a little frightening.

The increase in population from now to 2050 will equal the entire world population in 1950.  While the birth rates of developed nations is slowing their populations continue to consume a disproportionate amount of the planet's resources.  If our standards of living are to be maintained or improved then this will mean the destruction of much of what remains of the earth's pristine habitats.  No one wants that, but still population is hardly ever mentioned by politicians.

The solution is fairly simple if unpalatable.  The developing world must curb its almost exponential population growth and in return those lucky enough to live in the developed world must learn to curb their excesses.  It is as simple as that - but do we have the will to make it happen?