18 May 2010

Kuriositas Passes the Half Million Hits Mark

Not that we are boastful or anything, but we thought we would just mention that - thanks to you - Kuriositas has passed the half million mark in hits.  OK, so we are not yet at the dizzying heights of a number of blogs out there (and we are being just a little bit boastful), but it is not a bad start for a blog that only started out in March!  So, thank you very much for finding us and for coming back.  We promise to continue bringing you interesting articles on a variety of subjects from art to science - and all the stuff in between!

I would particularly like to thank the following for their fantastic support over the years that I have been writing online and for encouraging me to grasp the nettle when I started Kuriositas: Lauren Axelrod, Glynis Smy, Gerard Vlemmings, Avi Abrams, Alex Santoso, Chris Stonecipher and Louie Jerome.  Thanks folks!

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