29 July 2013

The Photo Man

Have you ever looked at a child and known what they would do as an adult? It is difficult to tell even when the child in question seems to have a predisposition for something quite unexpected. I don’t think that the parents of Mark Kologi would ever have guessed that their son would grow up to be The Photo Man. Kologi buys and sells photos and it doesn’t take long for you to realize that for him, this is so much more than simply making a living. Kologi has bound his livelihood with his own personal philosophies and perhaps there lies a contented man.

I couldn’t help but be reminded here of the fascination that the replicants in Blade Runner had with old photographs. The glimpse in to so many other lives led gave them a kind of solace. For the hundreds of people who visit Kologi’s store I think the attraction is, perhaps, something similar. The Photo Man was produced and directed by Ben Kitnick with cinematography and editing by Saxon Richardson