4 July 2013

The Chandelier Tree

Sometimes an idea can just take hold.  Adam Tenenbaum, an airbrush make-up artist, photographer and designer from Silver Lake, Los Angeles acquired a few chandeliers six years ago that he thought might go quite nicely in the house. However, they turned out to be too large and so he had the idea of hanging them from the tree outside his house.  Over the years many more have been added and the Chandelier Tree has become something of a local celebrity in its own right.  It does look quite amazing, it must be said.

Colin Kennedy, a director who lives and works in the city of angel just happens to live up the road from Tenenbaum.  After a number of years the temptation became too great and he embarked on creating the short docufilm above which tells the story of the chandelier tree through the words of its creator, Adam Tenenbaum (who comes across as a very nice gentleman indeed).