20 July 2013

La Création du Monde

Take 90 animators and a modernist composer and what do you get?  Something very much like the video above.  The arts and animation students (old and new) and their  instructors were asked to listen to Darius Milhaud’s La Création du Monde, one of the composer’s signature pieces and come up with the visuals to accompany it.  The result was shown on a cinema sized screen to an appreciative audience last week with Orchestre Symphonique de Bretagne playing the piece live.  We can’t reproduce the size of the screen you can go large and fill your own with these amazing visuals, influenced by Oskar Fischinger who did the special effect for Fritz Lang's 1929 Woman in the Moon as well as being an important pioneer in the history of animation.  They go amazingly well with Milhaud’s polyharmonic piece which combines jazz-age looseness with French sensibilities - this is something very special.

Thomas Beg’s role in the project, alongside Jordan Buckner was to collate and direct the speed paintings into the animation for the final performance.  You can see the paintings over at this Behance page. The students who contributed are all at the University for the Creative Arts, based in the English city of Rochester.