Bye Bye Bunny

6 July 2013

I love it when an animation defies expectations and this one does just that, purposefully and wilfully! The opening premise is that of a magician and his rabbit (the one he pulls out of his hat, of course!) about to go on stage. When he is about to perform his key trick, the magician discovers that his rabbit has gone – as well as all the other bunnies in the world.

You might think that the rest of the short would be taken up with the magician’s hunt for his missing rabbit. Well, it is and it isn’t – and for the sake of not giving away spoilers I will just say that you will have to watch Bye Bye Bunny yourself if you want any further answers!

Bye Bye Bunny was co-directed by five Supinfocom students, Julia Bueno, Catherine Lepicard,Cheng Li, Inès Paginez, Julien Roguet and Paul Torris

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