1 July 2013

It’s Time by Meedon

Ever wanted to, metaphorically, flap your winds and fly the nest? Then, this is for you. Or perhaps it should really be for all the patient parents out there who are waiting for that moment to come so that they themselves may once more stretch their own wings.  I am going to stop there before we get in to a paradox (or something else I wouldn’t understand).   Let's just say, if this is you right here right now, you will know when it's time.

This is a lovely tune by Meedon, a singer based in New York.  What she says on her Facebook page is very honest: “I tinker on the piano, guitar, clarinet, & sax...sing, write, play, & record everything myself. I’m a work in progress... & love & music saved me”. The ampersandissimo is not mine, hence the quotation marks.

Meedon, you may still consider yourself a work in progress, but this is a song perfectly formed.  Bravo.

The video was directed by Giada Strinati and Valentina Delmiglio through HOWOW Studio. Bravo #2.