21 July 2013

The Alphabet - Part 1 - A to D

Yes, we know that the alphabet is 26 letters long and that after watching this you want to see the other 24 letters but give a guy some time!  Animator Paul Rayment created this wonderfully dry learning aid frame-by-frame (24 per second) with a tiny bit of 3D in there too, just for good measure.  So, although we may have to wait a while for the next instalment, be guaranteed you will find it here!

Each of the first four letters of the alphabet gets to have its own adventure in around 60 seconds using only words which begin with itself (sounds a little odd when you put it like that). Each escapade segues neatly in to the next so that, yes, when D is over you really do want E to toddle along. 

There is, I think, a certain comedic legacy at work here originating on a set of small islands just to the left of mainland Europe which somewhat informs this animated short.  No surprise then that Paul Rayment is an illustrator and animator based in London.