5 July 2013


I saw the trailer for Baobab a short time ago and have, ever since, been waiting for the full animated short to be released with bated breath. Once you watch it, I am sure that you will see why I have been anticipating this so much. Baobab is like the origin of a myth, a story which is handed down from generation to generation. Hundreds of years ago in Madagascar lived a baobab tree. She was the most beautiful tree in the forest, tall and graceful – a feminine sentience which nurtured the forest and its inhabitants. Her protector was a giant primate, fierce and loyal, who would die before harm befell his charge. Then, one day, man came to the forest.

Baobab was directed by Nicolas Loesner, Anaëlle Moreau, Marina Steck (no link, her blog is invite only, sorry), Simon Taroni and Benjamin Tron with music by Pierre Manchot. Here comes the remarkable part: the directors listed above were all students when they created Baobab, which makes us their graduation short from Supinfocom Valenciennes.