22 May 2011

Y2GAY - The End of the World is Nigh!

After last night's failed 6pm end of the world earthquake failed to appear we thought that the time was ripe to share this little gem of a short movie.  If you thought Y2K was a threat to civilisation as we know it, then perhaps you had better get ready for Y2GAY.

In this very funny short movie, filmed documentary style, an Australian couple barricade themselves inside a bunker, reinforce their doors and stock their cupboards because it is happening all over again.  This time, though, it’s the gays who are coming!

This film made the finals of TROPFEST 2011 and Kate Worsley, the long suffering wife, won best actress there.  It was writen and Directed by Dan Ilic and James Pender and produced by Peter Slee.

Oh – and it’s very funny!