7 May 2011

In the Woods

This is adorable and lovely and cute and – well, you’ll see!  It is the new track by the band DandyLion and Murdock who are based in Glastonbury, in the lovely county of Somerset in England. It is called In The Woods and is all about finding friendship in a rather unexpected place.

This charming piece of animation was created by Ross Vernon McDonald, who was also responsible for the making of the teddy bear puppets that you can see in the video.  It was shot in Loxley Woods (same county) and McDonald used an Olympus E419 DSLR.

The finished product is immensely enjoyable and seamless and it is easy to imagine that the creation of the animation was a piece of cake too.  It seems that Ross Vernon McDonald spent a whole week scrambling around on his hands and knees in Loxley Woods, so that the world could enjoy this marvelous accompaniment to the song.

I expect that at times he probably got a few odd looks from passersby!