21 May 2011

The Aleph

This made my eyes water but is still wonderful. Aleph – a strange name perhaps and one that I had to look up. Aleph is the first word of the ancient Phoenician alphabet. It is the letter which gave rise to what we recognize today as A.

This startling animation shows us a drawing within a drawing within a drawing - and so on.  It is to generate interest in Paulo Coelho’s eponymous new book. It is a forthright and startling personal story, in which Coelho discloses how a momentous crisis of faith forced him to explore a path of spiritual regeneration and development.

So that he could once more feel close to God he went on a journey across the globe in an attempt to reconnect with people. Aleph tells that story. As a taster for the book, intended to provoke interest and discussion this animation certainly does the trick.