22 May 2011

The Teddy Story

You might be forgiven for thinking that we at Kuriositas are a little fixated with teddy bears at the moment, what with our recent inclusion of the wonderful In The Woods and now this.  However, you know what it’s like – you wait ages for a good teddy bear animation and then three great ones come along at the same time.

This is no exception – it is a marvelous short piece by Laura Herald which tracks the life of a teddy bear.  Hopefully without sounding patronising we think this is fantastic work for someone only in her second year of her Visual Effects and Motion Design degree.

We first see him when he has been abandoned by his heartless owners and dumped in a trash can.  He escapes from that (not a spoiler, there wouldn’t be much of a movie if he didn’t) but will our hairy hero find a new best friend to look after him? Watch and see – and whatever your age, go grab your mum and watch it with her!