1,425 Superheroes Congregate to Create New World Record

31 May 2010

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The rest of the world may be a little miffed when a country with as small a population as Australia goes around winning lots of gold medals at the Olympics, not to mention excelling in other areas.  Well, they have done it again – this time smashing the world record on May 29 for the number of people simultaneously dressed up as superheroes.

Even though the day was not without its tiring elements, you could at least rest assured that you were in good Superhero company even if there were a few yawnerama moments while the grownups did their thing on the stage.

The event took place on in Melbourne’s Federation Square when a grand total of 1,245 people turned up dressed as their comic book idols.  The event was part of the ongoing celebrations by DC comics which is celebrating its seventy fifth anniversary this year.  No doubt much to the chagrin of the Brits the Australians grabbed the world record only a week after a new one had been set in Twickenham, England. Sometimes life is just a little ironic.

Although the aim was to be Superhero costume only, the attempt at the world record was bound to attract one or two jokers.  Plus isn't that one of the alien controlled scarecrows from a Doctor Who story?  Some people, huh? Well, never mind - Australians don't need much of an excuse to join in the party.

The event attracted many onlookers too, but was generally it was a family affair with slightly bemused parents taking their Batmen, Supermen, and Green Lanterns out to the park en masse.  However, quite a number of parents put themselves in to costumes too. After all, even Spidey needs a helping hand with his shoe laces every now and again.  It does make you wonder, though, who really wanted to come - Dad or son?

As we pointed out earlier, some families though joined in the fun together.  This amazing looking familial quintet won a trip to Movie World.  This photograph will probably have pride of place in their home for decades to come. Other people preferred to remain anonymous under their masks, despite the fact that the occasional tattoo would probably give them away.
Of course, this occasion - and the creation of a new world record - was aim enough in itself.  However, it may have had another effect too.  How often do Superheroes get to let their hair down and just relax and catch up with friends from long ago?

Some of those who turned up had obviously spent a great deal of time and effort on their costumes.  This Catwoman for example certainly looks the part. For others it was the occasion, their natural exuberance and simply being there that was the priority.

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