16 November 2014

Sunday Short Movie: The Multiple Layers of Maggie Papadopoulos

Set in a small, sleepy hillside village in Cyprus, this heart-warming story follows the building friendship between a young girl named Anna and an older woman called Maggie.

Anna can’t quite work out why this older woman sitting on the bus stop bench every morning wears so many clothes! She obviously has her reasons, but it’s springtime and the Cypriot sun is starting to get hot. Yet she still sits there every morning wearing all the clothes she owns, while Anna waits on a rusty old bus to turn up and take her to school.

But who is this older woman that Anna’s friends call ‘Mad Maggie’ and is she hiding something? Or is she just a sad and oppressed old lady that’s lost her marbles?  The movie was written by David Izatt and produced and directed by David Izatt and Craig Wilson of Zoghogg Entertainment.