22 November 2014

Dystopic Utopias: A Movie Montage

Clara Darko, a 33 year old Spanish film lover and video editor has outdone herself with this one – and I loved every second of it.  She has put together a montage of dystopic utopias but before proceeding on this project she laid down a few ground rules.  First of all, there had to be some sort of organized society, so purely post-apocalyptic films were dismissed.

Next, the oppressed had to be humans, not aliens or androids.  Society had to be controlled by humans, not aliens or artificial intelligence.  Finally, society must have evolved only through human ways, not biological.  With those rules in place you might wonder how many films that she had to choose from, but fear not there were plenty enough to make this visually enthralling movie montage.

If you want to know which each movie featured is (in order) then here you go.  The montage starts with Starship Troopers and proceeds to feature Minority Report, Death Race 2000, Running Man, Death Race, Gamer,  Surrogates, The Island, Zero Theorem, Snowpiercer, Wall•E, Idiocracy, Fahrenheit 451, The Purge, Total Recall, Repo Men, I, robot, Soylent Green, The Lorax,  Demolition Man, Elysium, The Giver, Serenity, Metropolis, Aeon Flux, Logan's Run, Divergent, A.I., Babylon A.D., Blade Runner, Cloud Atlas, THX 1138, The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, Sleeper, Escape from L.A., Dredd, Total Recall (2012), Freejack, The Hunger Games, Fortress, Gattaca, Code 46, Never let me go, In time, 1984, Brazil, Scanner darkly, Equilibrium, V for Vendetta, A clockwork Orange and Johnny Mnemonic – 51 movies all told.  Time, now, to get my breath back!