2 November 2014

Does Brainstorming Work?

If you are remotely like me then your heart will regularly sink at work when you hear the words ‘let’s have a brainstorming session’.

Another hour spent around a table throwing ideas in to the air, all of which essentially are to be treated uncritically and most of which involve the re-invention of sliced bread while being far from the best thing since then.  However, you need more ammunition if you are to rid yourself of these unwanted and unproductive interludes.

Simply saying that brainstorming does not work may look like stating the obvious to you  but others will need evidence (despite the fact that the most recent sessions produced nothing of worth).  So, when you are being criticised for refusing to be non-critical at work then you might consider showing this video before the session begins. Created by Ant House Studio with audio from a Jonah Lehrer's speech given at the RSA it should be everything you need to consign these dreary meetings to the past where they belong.