10 April 2012

QI Title Sequence Re-Imagined

We have been fans of the show QI, hosted by the inimitable Stephen Fry since it began in 2003 – good grief! Has it really been on our screens almost a decade? Yet throughout the show’s many years the title sequence has remained the same. Time for a change, perhaps?

So, with that in mind Studio Tinto has come up with something over the Easter holiday!  It must be stressed that this is a fan made homage (we are not sure which of the team is responsible!) and nothing to do with the show or the BBC but it does have some marvelous moments.  We think it captures the spirit of the show very well and the fact that someone has taken so much time to create this is certainly a mark of the reverence in which the show is held in the UK! Time for a change, Mr Fry?