6 April 2012

Animated History of Poland - from Expo 2010 - IN FULL

The Polish Pavilion at Expo 2010 quickly drew crowds to see this amazing eight minute animation of the entire history of Poland as a country.  For those of us who heard about it but were unlucky enough not to make it to Shanghai we had to make do with a few thirty second clips on the internet which really really made everyone who saw it want to see the whole version.

Imagine my pleasure when I discovered the full version on Vimeo today.  So, now it's here. The compelling animation traces Poland's history from feudal times to the present day.  You will see the world wars, the partition of the country, Chopin, the rise and fall of Communism, Solidarnosc (solidarity) and much more. To capture the entire history of a nation in just eight minutes is an amazing achievement. If you are not Polish then a number of the dates may not mean a great deal to you.  However, follow this link to Wikipedia's History of Poland page (which is excellent) and you will be able to find explanations behind each of the dates in the animation.

Plus, we are now using a new embed code for video which supports iPad, iPhone, Flash and beyond. So you can watch it on the bus too!

So, go make a drink, sit back and enjoy.  This is quite simply one of the most astounding pieces of animation I have ever seen.

żywa historia Polski  / historia Polska