2 April 2012


It is not very often that something so simple and yet so delightful crosses our path.  Yet I hope you agree that Luminaris is just that - I haven't sat back and said wow for quite a while, but this short film gave me that opportunity!

Have you ever wanted to escape the rat race? Certainly the protagonist of this silent movie feels that way, if only he could his destiny. Yet in a world controlled and timed by light that isn’t so easy. However, where there is a will, there is a way! There is no day that this short film will brighten up your day (and yes, the pun was intended!).

Luminaris is directed by Pablo Zaramella, an independent director and animator based in Argentina. He has won no end of prizes for his films and commercial and the delightful Luminaris is no exception. The movie won the Audience Award and Fipresci Award at Annecy 2011.