12 April 2012

Doctor Who Filming in Central Park, New York - The Pictures!

The seventh series of Doctor Who is being filmed as we speak with cast regulars Matt Smith, Karen Gillan, Arthur Darvill and Alex Kingston filming the fifth episode in Central Park, New York.  The photographs we show here were taken by Elisa Deljanin who managed to get these pictures of the cast when they were filming in the park.

The fifth episode of the series will be pivotal to the show’s future.  The characters of Amy Pond and Rory Williams will leave the show in this episode (of course, just how they leave has not been revealed but a tearjerker has been promised!).  It certainly doesn't look as if Rory (played by Arthur Darvill) is very happy about it. Whether or not it will be the last appearance by River Song, their erstwhile daughter, has not yet been announced.

What's that book the Doctor is reading - and does it contain spoilers? At this point, who can say?

One thing is for sure though – the episode will also feature the infamous weeping angels (don’t even blink!) so could it be that Amy and Rory are thrown back to an undisclosed time by their angelic enemies? Surely that’s too obvious!

We will just have to be patient to see how things pan out for the characters even though it is fun to imagine what their fates may be! The new episodes will air before Christmas 2012 with episode 5 being the last before the customary Christmas special.  Jenna-Louise Coleman will then make her debut in episode six, one of the eight remaining episodes which will be broadcast in early 2013.

Oh! There he goes again!