14 December 2011

The Last Christmas...

If you find yourself clenching your teeth when people go on about the fabulous Christmas they are going to have then this short animation may be for you. It’s for you, too, if you feel that you are going to have a miserable Christmas – for whatever reason. Although he is a toon, this poor chap has had more than his share of bad luck – so perhaps after watching this you might think that your own festive season might not be so bad after all!

And don’t worry! It does have a happy ending (of sorts). This has been brought to you by David Lea who directed the short as well as animating it and providing the music. The design was provided by Giles Dill, David Lea and Steven Sole.

The Last Christmas may portray a peculiarly British kind of yuletide misery but I think that wherever you are from you will get the gist of this sad but very, very funny animation.