21 December 2011


They do say that some films should never be remade (who they?) but it has to be said that more often than not they are quite correct. Not in this case, however! Jeff Gurwood has painstakingly recreated the first six minutes of one of the most exciting action adventure films ever made – Raiders of the Lost Ark. Yet there is a great difference between this and the original – have you spotted it yet? Yes, the sets are tiny and the actors have been replaced with their Hasbro figures.

Indiana Jones would probably raise a wry eyebrow at this development but it is something which really does work. Gurwood’s hard work pays off spectacularly. You can also see making of details at Jeff Gurwood’s website. Plus there is more fun to be had at his Faceboook page too. It is incredible to think that Gurwood created all the sets from scratch himself!

There is a good reason for all of this Gurwood is not simply uber fan extraordinaire.  The animation was specially made to mark the film’s thirtieth anniversary. That just makes me feel old, seeing it as I saw it when it was first released (and I was a teenager too)...