9 December 2011

Big Society

Mr Harrison is an angry man even though he seems on the surface very calm. Having been in the army and served in Afghanistan for a number of years he began, on his return, to question why he fought for his country. When one day he sees a youth discard his chicken and chips this leads him to refuse to allow his own children to see it as acceptable behavior. One thing leads to another and....

Although this is a mockumentary starring Jonathan Rhodes (recently seen in the viral School Portrait and who really should be a household name) and created by Nick Scott it asks questions about society which you may well think need to be asked – and does so in a way which could make you laugh or equally make you cringe. When is enough truly enough – and what right do we have to take the law in to our own hands? Whatever your perspective Big Society is a poignant and thought provoking piece of film-making.