17 September 2011

Lightsaber Over London

The lightsaber, perhaps the most efficient weapon ever created for the Jedi Order. This fine example shows in detail the fine craftsmanship that goes in to the peacekeeping saber. Or does it? In fact, this is London’s BT Tower which yesterday fired a high-powered Jedi lightsaber into the night sky. Let’s just hope that the Death Star didn’t pick it up on its radar system!

Designed to mimic the energy sword used to lethal effect by young Jedi Luke Sywalker, this extravaganza marked the launch of the release of all six Star Wars movies on Blu Ray for the first time. Sixty 4,500W lights were used to produce the laser beam effect, each more than a meter in height. The effect was, well, out of this world.

As a footnote, we should mention that Lucasfilm didn’t actually get here first. In its first incarnation as the Post Office Tower, this much loved London edifice was used as the home of WOTAN a super intelligent computer featured in the 1966 Doctor Who story The War Machines (left).

It has also been featured in V for Vendetta, The Day of the Triffids, and Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets among many, many others.

It has never, though, to our knowledge, been made in to a lightsaber before!