7 September 2011

The Man With Einstein's Brain

Pictured here is Dr Thomas Harvey, who died three years ago. He had the rather dubious claim to fame of bein the pathologist who was responsible for the autopsy on Einsten (after his death in 1955).

He was just a little naughty because he removed Einstein's brain - not completely necessary as the scientist had expired from heart failure. He then sliced it up and kept the pieces for many years after - in order to perform research on to what had made the world famous scientist tick.

This picture was taken on the very day that Einstein died. However, the photographer, Ralph Morse, always maintained that the stuff under the knife in the photograph is most definitely not Einstein's brain.

Absolutely, definitely, without a shadow of a doubt. Yes, right!

This is one of a series of remarkable photographs taken by Morse on that day and now up on the Time website for the first time.

Link thanks to Neatorama.