18 September 2011

Blade Runner - Photoshop Speed Painting

If you have ever pondered the mysteries of Photoshop and reflected to yourself that one day you would sit down and learn its intricacies, then don’t watch this: it will make you sick with envy.

This is the first time that London based artist Olof Storm has captured the whole process of creating an artwork in Photoshop. You will see Harrison Ford as Decker slowly but surely appear on screen in front of you (well, perhaps quickly but surely is the best expression here).

Whether or not you are a fan of Blade Runner we are pretty sure you will like this - a lot.

On top of that the incidental music from the movie by Vangelis just adds to the overall effect. Go on admit it – as well as being in awe at Storm’s talent with the brush, blur and layering, you are just a little bit jealous too!