21 February 2011

Nikola Tesla: Inventions In Three-Dimensions

As collaborations go, this is a good one. Students from multiple departments of the Art Institute of Philadelphia joined forces with the Tesla Science Foundation to come up with this pretty impressive animation.

The aim of the animation was to showcase historical Tesla inventions which were on display at the 2nd Annual Tesla Conference which was held last July. As well as this, the students have developed ideas about what these inventions may look like in the future.

To cap it all, if anyone asks me what a Tesla Coil is down the pub again, I can tell them. This invention was at the forefront of Tesla’s vision for achieving worldwide wireless distribution of electricity and is something which is quite complicated to explain. Imagine my delight when I discovered that there is an extremely neat animated explanation of the science behind the Tesla Coil in this piece. I’m just going down the pub to explain it – before I forget. Later!