27 February 2011

Poles Apart

When you move to a big city it is more than easy to feel isolated.  In this case, Pang Pang is the only Panda in a town full of large polar bears that do not seem to take his size and his dietary needs terribly seriously.  Pang Pang does make attempts to fit in but to little or no avail – his efforts are generally met with patronising laughter.

Until one day...

Poles Apart was made in 2007 and has won a number of awards both in its home of Australia and elsewhere.  Made for their degree at the Griffith Film School it was created by Sean Wong, Steven Smith and Paul Lalo.
Of course, it isn’t just a story about a panda trying to rub along with a set of polar bears – it is a story about overcoming prejudice.  While most people don’t get the opportunity to prove their worth like Pang Pang is does remind the rest of us that everyone should be given a chance.