19 February 2011

Endhiran, the Robot: Kollywood Science Fiction Blockbuster!

If you are a film buff but live outside India the chances are that you have seen at least one Bollywood film. However, have you ever seen a movie made in Kollywood? This is the Chennai based version of Bollywood, where films are made in the Tamil language.

This movie, Endhiran the Robot was a recent vehicle for the wonderful Aishwarya Rai (the woman in the clip) and top Kollywood actor Raji. You may think you have seen it all before – the basis premise is a scientist who creates a robot which goes berserk – and plot wise you certainly have. Yet this Kollywood blockbuster has an energy and vibrancy that is often lacking in its Hollywood counterparts which sometimes feel as if they are weighed down by their own budget.

The film was in pre-production for almost ten years and is India's most expensive film ever made.  Despite the money lavished upon it, it is reminiscent of some ways of some of the B-movie science fiction greats of the nineteen fifties where the might of the military was pitted against something from outer space and seen to be completely useless against the power of this alien technology.  Love it!

Sure, you will have seen better FX before, but I can almost guarantee that if you start watching this then you will make it through to the end as it is thoroughly engaging. Sorry about the Russian dubbing over parts of it!