19 February 2011

Victory of the Sheep

With events in North Africa and the Middle East seeming to spiral out of control it is worth taking a minute to reflect that only a couple of decades ago Eastern Europe was going through the throws of unburdening itself of a political system that had long outstayed it welcome or indeed its usefulness.

This short animation was commissioned by Antena 3 Television in Romania – who wanted to draw the attention of the populace to the dormant totalitarian influences still at large in the country.  Not only that it seeks to highlight the humiliating nature of the relationship between government and the working classes twenty years after the fall of communism in the country.

It does go to show that when a country like Romania becomes a democracy, the fight is not over – in fact it will carry on for tens of years.  A country does not wake up overnight able to completely change its regime and cast off the old in to the shadows forever.  This is something that the people of Egypt and others in the area will have to come to terms with very shortly.  The battle is won but the war is not over.

The software used included 3Ds Max, After Effects, Photoshop and the project was completed in 17 days including render times. The second in the series, below, warns the people of Romania to vote carefully, responsibly and to be aware of possible electoral fraud and political corruption.