22 February 2011

The Heart Knows - Best Wedding Video Ever?

I had to share this with you because I thought it was simply quite amazing.  I can;t say I ever expected to see myself putting a wedding video on Kuriositas, but this is particularly clever.

Anuja Gupta and Nirav Shah, the two leads in this very short film make up a couple in real life.  The path of true love never did run smooth and this charts the tentative beginnings of their relationship. He was a shy Medical Doctor, she a pretty pharmaceutical representative.  It took them a while to introduce themselves to each other and this film shows how it came to pass.

Yes, this is a wedding video but one with a difference.  I have seen many (haven't we all?) and this is by far the most original I have seen.  Bollywood inspired, this of course has to feature a song and dance routine for both Anuja and Nirav as they try and work out just how (or whether) to make the first move.

I can only imagine the astonishment of the guests when this was shown on two big screens at their wedding.  It seems that there are one or two minor embellishments but it is pretty much their story as it stands.  One thing, though.  The pair most certainly overcame their shyness when it came to making this short movie.

It is also done with an immense sense of fun and joie de vivre which is quite contagious.  I was really rooting for the pair of them within the first minute or so.

As a record of the start of their relationship it is marvelous. They may not be sending one of their children to college, however.  This was not done on a shoestring!