4 September 2014

Miracle Baby: Two Week Old Syrian Child Rescued from a Collapsed Building

They are called the White Helmets and they help – it is really as simple as that. Regardless of religion, regardless of politics, when bombs hit, the White Helmets, aka the Syrian Civil Defence rushes in to offer any assistance they can.

In the video above you can watch Khaled Farah, a particularly brave young man, help in the rescue of a two week old baby trapped beneath a building which had collapsed after a barrel bomb attack.  As much as the survival of the baby was a miracle, it was an astonishing feat by the under-resourced rescuers that the continuation of life became a possibility.

However, Farah and his colleagues are in desperate need of equipment in a country where public services have fallen apart.  Donor governments have millions in existing funds and some of it is not being spent.  It seems that the right projects have not been found!  If any group needs assistance right now with protective gear, medical bags and digging tools, it is the White Helmets of Syria.

You can help out without spending a penny of your own money. The Syria Campaign has launched a petition.  Its aim is to get the attention of donor governments, to show them that the White Helmets need our help here and now.  Please follow this link to sign the petition and support the White Helmets of Syria (there is also an opportunity to learn more on the site if you would like).  It took me less than a minute to do it - but I think it might be the best spent minute of my day.