27 September 2014

Aliens of London

Most Londoners are accustomed to strange sights – part of the daily rhythm of the English capital is the odd and the unusual.  Yet even the most novelty-weary citizens were forced to look twice recently when a mysterious alien race – the Indogenes – made a sudden appearance on the streets of the city.

The slender, bald visitors from the Votan star system seemed intent on doing the whole London experience, even though their expressions gave little away as to their levels of enjoyment.  Perhaps they were a little bewildered by the sights and sounds of the city or perhaps their cybernetic implants were overloaded.  Either way they took in London with a graceful impassivity.

They didn’t stop anywhere for long – a trip to Harrods is a must-do part of any alien’s visit to London, as it the picture taken next to a guardsman (almost as poker-faced as themselves, perhaps they thought they had found a long lost cousin).  After the whistle-stop tour of the capital, a well-deserved ice cream in Regents Park.

The aliens were, in fact, promoting the return of the series Defiance, now in its season two, to the Syfy channel.  A team of professional makeup artists spent three hours producing the jaw-dropping look after a survey revealed that two thirds of the British population (68%) believe that aliens do exist and almost a quarter (23%) think that aliens walk among us.  For one day, at least, it certainly seemed to be the case.

Photos: Matt Alexander/PA