7 May 2014

Storychangers: Animating Europe in a Three Day Frenzy

Would you take the challenge to create forty different endings to a film over just three days?  I always suspected a slight madness around Trunk and as that’s just what they are doing, I can hardly say I am surprised!  You can see the live stream above.

Working with Ogilvy Brussels and the European Parliament the folks at Trunk are attempting to get young people engaged with the European elections possibly leading them to cast a vote. Their friends Wouter and Thijs at Volstok have made a film with a cliff-hanger ending for the www.Storychangers.eu website, to get people involved.

You can go to the site and suggest your own ending for the film - what do you think should happen to the cat?  They have already animated cats in space, a cat turning into a muffin, and a cat/unicorn farting rainbows! So give them an idea and then along with Joost Lieuwma in Utrecht and the guys at Volstok in Ghent, it'll be up to them to animate the most popular suggestions!

You can see all the ending so far HERE.