3 May 2014

Buzludzha Monument - New Pictures

Here you can see two amazing photographs of the Buzludzha Monument taken recently by Valentin Rüst of Don't Complain Travel. Click on either of the pictures to go to Valentin's in depth report on how the Buzludzha Monument looks today.  Here is a taster from Valentin's feature.

Buzludzha’s architecture is impressive, but how to get in? It almost seems impossible as the main gate is heavily sealed and enforced with metal bars. Luckily, there’s a small opening around the right corner of Buzludzha’s entrance, as somebody must have broken the glass to get in before. You could get in by pulling yourself through the hole in the wall, ending up in the stair case of the building. Within a few seconds of doubt and weighing risks against opportunities, we were both standing inside the Buzludzha Auditorium.

And yes, there is a picture of Valentin's legs disappearing in to the above mentioned hole on his entertaining and informative feature, with some dazzling photos to go with...