2 October 2013

That Walter White Mask Sells on Ebay for $41,400

Bryan Cranston may have had no idea what he was starting back at this year’s San Diego Comic-Con. He ambled through the crowds in that Walter White mask, specially made for the occasion by Denver based artist Landon Meier. Now the mask, autographed by the actor has been sold on Meier’s ebay page for a substantial sum - $41,400.00 to be exact. How much? You may well do a double take.

The happening (difficult to describe it as anything else really) produced a media frenzy with the mask appearing on any number of TV shows. Little wonder then that artist Landon Meier took advantage of the situation and placed the mask on his ebay page. Breaking Bad was a truly ground breaking series and any number of fans would give their left arm for the mask – the chance of winning a piece of TV history beats the mortgage and household bills any day.

Over a period of ten days the auction attracted a total of 59 potential buyers and 139 bids. The winner of the auction (known under ebay privacy restrictions simply as h***u placed a single bid on the White/Heisenberg mask, beating the second place bidder by a hundred dollars. The bid, for $41,000, was placed a minute before the auction was due to end.  There was an extra $63.10 to pay for postage and packing, by the by.

There had been a higher bid, for $43,000 but this was retracted two hours before the auction ended If I bid that amount and then realized I might win the auction retraction is something I would consider, even though it isn’t really considered the done thing in online auction circles. Yet you can’t feed the kids a hyperflesh mask, can you?

One can only hope that the winning bidder has made a good investment (I suspect he or she has).  Were she alive my ancient grandmother would have remarked along the lines of some folk have more money than sense.  I suspect she was correct, too.