8 October 2013

Harrison Ford: Always Cool

Ender's Game - someone in that movie looks very familiar. He is doing the rounds - selling a film - and doing it with as much grace as he can muster. Yet in 1977 a little known actor by the name of Harrison Ford got his big break when Star Wars was unleashed on the world.

Here a remarkably fresh faced Ford is interviewed by Bobbie Wygant, the legendary NBC 5 reporter who is still going strong today.  Wygant questions Ford about the film and his role within it - neither particularly hiding the fact that they don't really get it - that much - at all.  He does, however, wax lyrical (or as lyrical as he gets) about the opening shot.  And who wouldn't? You won't hear him saying anything like this about Ender's Game - that's for sure.

Ford is famous not only for his acting but his dislike of the publicity machine which surrounds movies and in particular the interview treadmill.  What makes this particularly special is that the interview was conducted just after the premier when Harrison Ford could still walk the streets without being recongnized by one and all.

What comes across here (apart from his general disinterest in science fiction as a genre) is how laid back Ford is with the whole issue of fame.  He is certainly thankful for Star Wars in terms of opening doors for him as an actor - in his own inimitable and unforced way.  A very cool blast from the past.