8 October 2013

Bigger Can Be Small After All

If you travel a lot then wherever you go there will be one thing that you have seen. Whether it’s the Eiffel Tower, the shores of Lake Titicaca or even the far flung reaches of the poles, you will have come across people lugging around large carry bags containing their super-huge DSLR cameras.  Of course, big is sometimes better even though the Sony Nex series of Compact system camera has something of a surprise for you.  Big in to small.  It may sound like something from a sci-fi show but take a look at the infographic below and all will be explained.

So, you have a small camera – certainly small enough to carry around comfortably without having to resort to a suitcase-sized hold all.  The NEX Compact system camera series (there are four great models) uses state of the art technology to do the seemingly impossible – put the big in to small.  These cameras may be small but their image sensor is DSLR-sized.  That means one thing – your pictures will look fantastic even when you blow them up and super-size them. If you want to share this infographic with your friends take a look here: http://presscentre.sony.eu/imagelibrary/detail.aspx?MediaDetailsID=266557

Not only that, the depth of field will be as striking as any pictures you took on your DSLR and the results – even if you are just on a family day out – will not let you down.  This amazing series of compact cameras will also allow you (with the help of an adaptor) to use you’re A-mount DSLR lenses from a variety of vendors.

If you don’t have a selection of lenses already, there is no need to worry.  The huge image sensor of the NEX series means that you will be able to use this camera on its own and take photographs that you, your family and friends will treasure for years.  Plus, you won’t have to ask anyone to take their turn carrying your super-heavy camera bag ever again!

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