6 October 2013

The Babylon Freefly Team: Amazing Bodyflight You Must See to Believe

This is going to make you do a double take more than once.  Founded in 1998, Babylon Freefly Team has won seven gold medals in Freefly Skydiving at World Class Level; the highly skilled team is made up of professional skydivers, freefly coaches, experienced aerial photographers and cinematographers, base jumpers and speed riders.

Here, watch the team and their friends participate in training (fantastic indoor parachuting which is about as far, to be frank, that they would get me and I would still probably break my neck) before going out on a stupendous freefly that will simply take your breath away.  It is so spectacular that some of it looks as if it had to created using CGI - these guys fly like superheroes.  However, I can assure you, all this is real!