10 March 2013

Project Genesis

This animated short takes our world and turns it on its head.  Imagine that our pale blue dot was inhabited by computers, rather than us – and they all looked as if they were created by a certain company named after a fruit around about the 1985 mark.  In order to evolve they would inevitably turn to technology in order to make their lives easier.  In this brilliantly imagined alternative universe they come up with a solution – Human!

So, Project Genesis comes to pass and the world of the computers will never be the same again.  This sharp and knowing stop motion and traditional compositing animation was over a year in the making and was written, produced and directed by Alessio Fava and colleagues.  Although it is something of an allegory for our own existence it raises a single question (I won’t spoil it by telling you what it is) to which we may have to give serious thought in our own near future.