14 March 2013

Dracula in Under Two Minutes

The Brothers Grim and Grimy have done it again. Hot on the heels of their under two minutes adaptations of The Hobbit and Dante's Inferno they have produced this - the story of Dracula and have followed their usual trademark - of telling the story in or just under one hundred and twenty seconds.

Just in time for Halloween too - great timing, brothers!  Another of their trademarks is that the story is told at a break kneck pace by their usual narrator in the form of a virtually completely air-headed valley girl who, it has to be said, certainly knows how to give the story a little modern color.  The part where she confuses the character of Jonathan Harker with Neo from The Matrix (for, well, cinematic reasons) is brilliantly done.

It reminds me of the way that my students write about Romeo and Juliet (now there is an idea for their next adaptation) and describe the various anachronistic shoot outs in their essays, having seen the Leonardo version of the play.