30 March 2013

Logan’s Power

This short movie, written and directed by Mike Lamarra, reminds me of something that Jeremy Bentham, the founder of modern utilitarianism, once said: stretching his hand up to reach the stars, too often man forgets the flowers at his feet.  You could said this is true of Logan a twenty eight year old who lives with and works under his older brother, a massive comic book fan who, well, isn’t quite as emotionally mature as he might be at his age.

So, of course, there is the unobtainable Jean at work upon whom Logan has doted for a long time - a veritable car crash of emotions just waiting to happen.  One day he decides that the time is right: he has recently finished his costume for the next Comic-Con and decides to wear it to work to impress the distant, workaholic Jean in to a date.  His best friend and co-worker, Kat, tries to dissuade him, but his mind is made up: Logan sets off a chain of events which will change his life and those around him for ever – but is it for good too?

This very sweet and understated short film with strong central performances by Sketkh Williams and Krista Amigone has been doing the rounds at various film festivals where it has been very well received by audiences.  If you have ever looked in one direction for love while you should really have been looking another way entirely, this is for you.